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[ Main activities of the JSC “SIE ”Rubin” ]

Now days main activities of the JSC “SIE”Rubin” are:

•    development, manufacturing, upgrading and maintaining both fixed and mobile automated control systems, information systems of special purpose, including stationary automation devices complexes (ADC), staff, command post and special vehicles on wheeled and tracked transport base;
•    development, manufacturing, upgrading and repair of telecommunication equipment, workstations and data exchange systems by secure communication channels, as well as devises and systems for secure documentary exchange (text, graphics, video) with the use of open communication channels (phone lines public communication lines microwave transmission, digital communication channels, cellular lines, LAN);
•    development and manufacturing of fixed and mobile software and hardware systems, intelligence modules for systems of control, communication, and data processing for manufacturing process control, on motor and rail transport, in the fuel-energy complex, for protection systems of important facilities in the power industry and railway transport;
•    development and delivery of software and data ware sets;
•    development and manufacturing of special processing equipment of automated digitizing the earth's surface by satellite images, aerial photographs and papers;
•    development and manufacturing of technological hardware and software processing systems, recording and synthesis of radio signals, remote controls, secondary power sources, injection devices of high-viscosity materials for oil and gas, other industries;
•    render services in the field of the state secrets protection in terms of technical protection of information.

Main products of the JSC “SPE” Rubin”:
•    staff, command and staff vehicles and special equipment for wheeled and tracked chassis;
•    unified fixed AMS for different purposes;
•    complex system-wide and special software;
•    telecommunications (multiplexers, signal conversion device, the device time-division multiplexing communications, etc.);
•    fixed and portable workstations for the exchange of documentary public information through open communication channels (telephone, wired, cellular and radio);
•    automated systems for digitizing terrain;
•    technological hardware and software systems of processing, recording and synthesis of radio signals;
•    remote controls;
•    secondary power source of high power;
•    injection device high viscosity materials for the petroleum industry;
•    trackballs for use in the products of special purposes;
•    rope framed dampers

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